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We are looking for startups that respond to the challenges of:

  • Preserve the integral water ecosystem, with special attention to aquifers and vulnerable areas.
  • Promote and promote energy efficiency, as well as the development and storage of renewable energy
  • Promote solutions to mitigate or adapt to climate change and promote decarbonization, including understanding and reducing environmental footprints and other impacts that affect ecosystem services
  • Promote circular economy and zero waste models in any area.
  • Promote models that promote healthier and more sustainable eating, with a special focus on regenerative agriculture.
  • Implement models to raise awareness in the community and promote more responsible consumption by reducing barriers to the adoption of new habits (e.g. through gamification).
  • Promote biodiversity and promote solutions based on the ecosystem services of the sea, developing the regenerative economy in the oceans.
  • Increase the quality of life in cities from a social and environmental point of view, promoting solutions based on nature.
  • Promote new sustainable business models through the digitalization of processes.

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Accelerated Startups

S2B Tech4Climate Experiences

Óscar Longares
The S2B Tech4Climate has given us a lot of structure and, above all, a working methodology. In addition, thanks to the Demo Day, we met our main investor, so our passage through the program has meant a clear acceleration of what the project is.

Óscar Longares


Enrique Enciso
Thanks to the S2B Tech4Climate we have been able to enjoy personalized support on our green roof project, we have improved our business plan, image and communication and we hope this will help us in the future.

Enrique Enciso


Pablo Stürzer
The experience has been fantastic, because not only have we found an ecosystem that helps us in many aspects when developing our project but we have also found specific partners with whom to develop our project.

Pablo Stürzer








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